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OCT 16, 2021


Urban Bourbon Half Marathon

The Spirit of Racing is Alive and Well

Since our Urban Bourbon Half Marathon is meant for those age 21 or older, you must be at least 21 on race day to register.


As with many communities, our local police department is struggling with staffing issues. This means there are a lack of officers to safely close the number of roads needed for the downtown / Cherokee Park course. This challenge has necessitated a change to the UBHM course in 2021, one that we believe you will love. (See course map above.)

Instead of a hill course crossing numerous intersections in the Highlands neighborhood leading to Cherokee Park, we’ve created a two-state, flat course that celebrates Louisville’s river heritage. As you head out of downtown, you’ll cross the Ohio River on the historic Big Four Bridge into Indiana. The course continues through downtown Jeffersonville, Ind., and runs along the river through Clarksville, Ind. You’ll loop back across the Big Four, cut through parts of the Butchertown neighborhood past Lynn Family Soccer Stadium, then pick up the Louisville Loop along Beargrass Creek and continue along the river into the heart of downtown.

There are four elevation changes on the elliptical ramps that lead onto and off of the Big Four Bridge on each side of the river at MM 1.5, 2.0, 6.0 and 6.5 The ramps are 1,181 feet long with an elevation change of approximately 50 feet. The run across the bridge is approximately .5 miles. The rest of the course is mostly flat with numerous, spectacular views of the waterfront. There is a final elevation change on Fourth Street as the course goes from the riverside to Fourth Street Live.

The good news is that we kept the downtown start and finish and the award-wining post-race party.

The race starts and finishes in downtown Louisville. In fact, for those who have participated in the UBHM in the past, you’ll recognize the start line on Main Street. Race finish drops you off right at the entrance of Fourth Street Live! – the home of our Urban Bourbon Bash. And, yes, the Louisville Crashers will be there to help everyone celebrate with a three-hour concert. The award-winning after-party offerings still include bourbon tastings, craft beer, a Kentucky delicacy known as burgoo (look it up) and local pizza.